Claws, edges and saturated rainbows. Welcome to my world of fierce sassy drag creatures that celebrate all things aesthetic and eccentric. Think part club kid, part fashion, part clown and a whole lotta weird. This series explores the vivid characters that live in my head(rent free) and pays homage to the uninhibited self expression that exists in the drag, fashion and aesthetic sphere.
Independent, emotive and unapologetic characters are a running theme in my work, as I explore the imperfections of human nature through spontaneous energetic lines and unusual colour harmonies. Each piece is a visual statement that explores the notion of artistic “taste” and pushes boundaries of fashion and its interaction with the human form.
A series created for the Image Harvest Exhibition, 2022 at MICA.

You do you boo - Full series 

Gestures & Details

Photos from the Image Harvest Exhibit
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