I was commissioned by Ricky Bloxsom to create two Murals for the Rippling Bangalore Office. They wanted to elevate and enliven the office space in Bangalore by creating two murals that tell the story of the company, its jobs, and its people. With offices based in both San Francisco and Bangalore, the idea was to create a space that felt both uniquely Rippling and uniquely Bangalore.
My initial conversations with the Rippling brand team helped me understand the brand’s ethos, principles, and culture. I realized that the brand lies at the convergence of technology and human experience. It’s fresh, contemporary, and highly relevant. And its products are focused on details and efficiency. The brand name and visual identity stood out from very early on. I was fascinated by the idea of a “ripple effect”—the consequence of a series of intentional, powerful, and far-reaching actions. I explored and expanded upon this core idea in my art. 
I was also inspired by the physical space in which the murals will exist. The two murals are situated in areas that work in different time zones. One team works on Pacific Standard Time, while the other works on Indian Standard Time. It’s a detail that I thought could add another level of relevance to the work. Once I understood the stories we wanted to tell, it was all about weaving the brand's diverse tangible and intangible aspects into a compelling visual narrative. 
Looking at the Murals, I hope people are transported to a fantastical Rippling experience celebrating the brand’s unique business approach, values, and energy. 
Rippling Mural I - Pacific Standard Time Zone (PST)

PST Mural Artwork

PST Mural Sketch

The customer service mural is all about empathy, featuring bold references to Rippling's human-centered approach to support.

Custom Color Mixing

PST Mural Photos

Rippling Mural II - Indian Standard Time Zone (IST)

IST Mural Artwork

The engineering mural celebrates the craft of code, referencing those who create Rippling's products and the tools they use to create them.
Video documenting the making

Process video

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