OTJF is an India based Online Record Store & Music Discovery website. I was commissioned by them to create artworks for their Homepage and Discovery section. Each artwork is displayed as a triptych(three part image) that divides the content into three categories: Curated, Essential & Classics.
For the artwork, I decided to create a living breathing world of sound, which is what On the Jungle Floor is in essence. The idea was to create a sensory fantasy world that is alive with a lot of organic elements, colours and textures that resemble sonic instruments.
Artwork I - Home page

Fin Artwork 1 - Homepage

Artwork 1 Sketch 1

Artwork in use on the Website as a Triptych

Artwork II - Discover page

Fin Artwork 2 - Discover section

Sketch for the second artwork

Artwork in use on the Discover page of the website as a triptych

Close up & Details

Close up & Details

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