Since patterns can be so diverse, I wanted to create something that involved multiple levels of engagement as opposed to a sparse scattered pattern. I was drawn to the idea of how our outer worlds are reflections of our inner worlds and can often mimic the same emotional environment. I created three emotive ecosystems based on the three emotions of - anger/abrasion, sadness/melancholy, and daydreaming/escapism. All the organic forms in the patterns correspond to the emotion.
Creating seamless patterns and applying them to mockups in different spheres is a great exercise in seeing where the patterns work best and finding the right context for the patterns to live in.
Pattern I - Anger/Abrasion

Pattern I - Black and white sketch

Pattern I base patch

Pattern II - Daydreaming/Escapism

Pattern II - Black and white sketch

Pattern III - Sadness/Melancholy

Pattern III - Black and white sketch

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