I was commissioned by Paypal to create this (giant) response piece for permanent display at the PayPal’s Gender Equity collection at the Paypal office in Chennai, India. The concept for the piece was inspired by the idea of reclaiming the gaze. I wanted to use the element of the hair as a free flowing mane that absorbs the energies of space, complemented by a piercing all seeing gaze that talks about intuition and knowing(also symbolised by the moon). I wanted to balance the bold, confrontational nature of the illustration with softer natural forms that speak to the complexities of the feminine.  
AD: Danielle Wohl
Size: 42”x 32”
Archival Print

The feminine gaze - Gender Equity Project, Paypal

Sketch for the Artwork

Close up of the Archival print

Framed Archival Print for Paypal Chennai

Final framed Archival Print - Gender Equity Project Paypal

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