Nostalgia has always been a really intriguing and complex emotion to me that is bittersweet - somewhere in the middle of happy and sad. I created a one page non linear narrative zine that is a collection of memories that illicit feelings of Nostalgia. I was thinking about how I could visualize Nostalgia - as a complex emotion that compels us to look at the past sometimes through rose colored glasses and sometimes triggers unresolved trauma. 
I isolated the different forms  of Nostalgia into six to seven different categories – Sensory nostalgia - Being transported to a memory through the senses triggered by - food, music, touch and smells. Toxic nostalgia - Forgetting the bad and only reminiscing the good - very common in breakups and toxic relationships. Coping nostalgia - using nostalgia as a means of coping mechanism to survive and/or get through trauma. Future nostalgia - Escapism/ Escaping from the present/daydreaming. Comfort nostalgia - Similar to coping but more positive where we keep replaying a happy memory. Melancholic nostalgia - Reminiscing things or moments that will never come again - like childhood/being born. 

Full one page zine - Nostalgia

Spread I

Spread II

Spread III

Composition & Sketch - One page zine

Photos of the Final Nostalgia Riso printed zine

Back cover of the zine

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