This work is an exploration of space through elements of light, color, and form inspired by the cultural landscape of Chennai to create an atmospheric interior.
I was commissioned by Danielle to create a Mural for the Paypal office in Chennai. Through the illustration, I wanted to celebrate the beauty and diversity in the visual culture in Chennai, using unique evocative elements that are intrinsic to the place.
With these experiential pieces, I like to blur the boundaries between reality and fantasy and take the viewers on a journey. The colors and composition are deliberate choices that aim to create a surreal ambiance while maintaining a sense of familiarity.

AD: Danielle Wohl
Media: Hand painted
Production/Execution by: Team Fosite

Celebrating Chennai - Final artwork for the Mural

Initial Sketch

Mural Artwork Close up & Details
Photos of the finished Mural at Paypal Chennai
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