“Nooscapes” is a one of a kind Illustrated silk scarf that transforms illustrations into wearable visual statements. I wanted to bring a fresh approach to the world of illustrated silk scarves by creating a product that is not only visually striking and alluring but is also something with a point of view. These scarves serve as statement pieces that are both fashionable and functional and made for people who are unafraid to own and rock something bold, unique and unconventional. A silk scarf with its luxurious feel and elevated appeal felt like the perfect product to translate my distinctive visual language and aesthetic into the realm of
wearable art. 
Nooscapes explores the ideas of gaze & femininity. It is a layered narrative that explores the complexity of the feminine experience as a visual landscape. The act of looking away and staring right at the viewer speaks of the inner tension in a woman’s journey of reclaiming the gaze. The hair and the bleeding flowers amplify the shared truth.
This artwork was selected as one of the winning entries for the American Illustration 42 Annual Awards.

Final Illustration

Final Sketch

Nooscapes Branding - Business Cards

Photos of the Silk Scarf
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