I created a layered paper cut-out narrative based tunnel box inspired by my reflections on self. I was thinking about the idea of the perception of self and how to explore that in terms of depth and dimension with the medium of paper. The initial sketch evolved into a visual commentary piece on self, peeling the outer layers to reveal who we are inside. I wanted to play with those parameters of size to convey the visual contrast between the towering figure and the softness of the small figure inside. One of the things that I love to do within my work is create layered maximalist narratives that unravel different details once you spend time interacting with it. The paper cut layers allowed me to have multiple juxtaposing pieces that added experiential depth and volume to form a composite visual.  

Eye, me, her - Reflections on self (Paper Sculpture)

Eye, me, her - Reflections on self

Final Artwork for the Sculpture mapping out colors & layers

Initial Sketch

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